To the West of Weem is Castle Menzies

This was the seat of the Menzies of Menzies until sold in 1913 is a fine example of a ‘Z’ plan Castle. It has a large walled garden where it is believed that Archibald Menzies started his career. The Castle is presently owned by the Clan Menzies Charitable Trust.

Situated below Weem Rock in a commanding position in the valley.

The Home Farm

This was the Castle farm. The old steading has been converted into the House of Menzies

Old Farmhouse

Farleyer House

This was originally the Menzies Factors house. Then a shooting lodge, a hotel and now a private house.

Balhomais Farm

One of the number of farms in the valley. This is owned and farmed by the Menzies family.

Dull and Weem Church has had a strong connection with agriculture in the area and we still hold the traditional harvest thanksgiving service in October along with the local Young Farmers. Here are some earlier farming photos donated by Mrs M. Menzies of Balhomais.

Potato dressing in the field. Duncan Menzies and squad. 

Turning Hay at Croftnamuick

Stacking the corn was a community event. 

And this one Perter Lambie and Duncan Menzies stacking.

However tractors gradually took over. This is Davie Carmichael with L plate. Note the small stacks.

However farming could also involve a bit of wood work. Here is a picture of a young Duncan Menzies with his Uncle Johnnie and Tom Low.

A view from Balhomais across to Crofnamuick the original Menzies family farm.

Agriculture is still important to the valley as can be seen from this picture looking west.

In the days when the Clan Chief held total power with his own court, he could sentence people to death. At the Balhomais Road end are the reputed hanging trees. These are larch trees which were introduced to Scotland by Alexander Menzies.