Y Ravine The Mouth of Hell

“Beaumont Hamel”, 13th Nov. 1916.

This was the main objective, the prize of the battle! The 51st Highland Division was ordered to capture it. No one could get near it! no man's land was covered with the Brave Men, who had tried, and gave their very lives doing so!

The Black Watch and Gordons were ordered to capture “Y Ravine”, it was called the mouth of “Hell”! This was where the Newfoundlanders were “Slaughtered” on the 1st of July 1916. Take it they “Did”, but at great cost of lives,! Y Ravine was just a nest of machine guns.

After the battle a young Black Watch Officer was told to clear the ground of their Dead”, he said it was one of the most moving moments of his young life! brothers lifting brothers and so on. After they saw to their own, they lifted the remains of the Newfoundlander, “Poor Chaps”, they had been there since the 1st July 1916, this was the 13th Nov 1916, they were just bones, and rags, the Rats had been nesting in their chest.